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Veterinary Products

Animal Wound Care

Animal Wound Care

Approx. Rs 350 / Piece

Saniprowash is the next generation wound & skincare sterile which has the power to kill 99.999% of harmful bacteria, virus, fungi, yeast & pollens. It is a must have for all the animal treatment services for fast recovery of animal wounds. While being a 100% safe product for living beings, Saniprowash possess remarkable deodorizing and anti-microbial properties. Saniprowash is amongst the best dog healthcare products available in India today.

Being a 100% alcohol free & chemical free solution, Saniprowash is essentially the same substance produced biologically by animal's body upon an encounter with a foreign microbe. This amazing biocider kills harmful microbes mere 30 seconds of interaction thereby making it not only effective but fast as well.

With no harmful chemical, alcohol or additives, Saniprowash has Zero disposal issues. It is non corrosive in nature and with zero irritancy and 100% Safe for living beings. Saniprowash comes under the catagory of veterinary medicines and veterinary chemicals.

Acute & Chronic Wounds , Burns, Skin Infection & Irritations including dermatitis, Fungal Infections such as ringworm, Post Surgical Sites, Skin Ulcers, Abscesses &hot spots, Skin rashes & allergies, Ear infections,

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Saniprocare - Vet Disinfectant Spray

Saniprocare - Vet Disinfectant Spray

Approx. Rs 375 / Piece

Saniprocare - Veterinary Disinfectant Spray

Saniprocare disifectant spray is ideal for disinfection of all types of surface in vet clinics, examination tables, kennels, pet bowls, dog collar etc.

Saniprocare disinfectant is water based disinfectant free from alcohol aldehyde. Completely safe to use.
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