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Vegetable Washers

Ozone Vegetable Washer

Ozone Vegetable Washer

Approx. Rs 85,000 / Piece(s)

Ozone Vegetable Washer

We can manufacture stand-alone vegetable ozone machines which can clean upto 70 kgs of food produce within one hour's time. The standard machine has a tank size of 15 X 12 X 12 inches which decontaminattes approximately 5 kgs of food produce in every 2 minutes cleaning time. Ozone washing technology is not only safe but also chemical free and easy to use. Ozonation technology allows to remove pesticides, color, chemicals, fungus and other pathogens from the fruits and vegetable.

Features of the machine:

Easy to use
Requires no maintainence
Removes Harmful chemicals, pesticides, artificial waxes, chemicals and color from vegetables and fruits
Kills 99.99% of bacteria and other harmful pathogens in the food produce

Additional Information:

Ozone Vegetable Cleaner

Ozone Vegetable Cleaner

Approx. Rs 3.5 Lakh / piece

Ozone Vegetable washer & Cleaner

Removes Pesticides from Fruits & Vegetables using ozonation and sonication technology. Ozone combined with ultrasonic becomes a potent mixture for decontaminating food produce to a very high level.

Easy to operate
Industrial food grade stainless steel used
120 kgs of food produce washed on an hourly basis
ultrasonic & ozone technology used

Additional Information:

Vegetable Purifier

Vegetable Purifier

Approx. Rs 3.15 Lakh / Piece(s)

Vegetable Purifier & Vegetable Washer

We are manufacturers of one of the most useful and effective food produce washing system. We manufacture specially designed Ultrasonic + Ozone based fruit & vegetable washing system. The sonic waves helps removes organic debree and kill lage array of bacteria whereas the ozone oxidizes the pesticides, chemicals and color additives from the food produce. Our vegetable washer is capacble of cleaning almost 150 kgs of food produce on an hourly basis


Uses unique Sonic waves & Ozone washing technology
No use of adding chemicals
Easy one touch operation with rough & tough design
Complete Stainless steel tank 316 grade - Kitchen Grade
Uses high qualty sonication and industrial grade ozonation
Suitable for long running hours
Effective removes pesticides, color, chemicals and pathogens from fruits & vegetables

Additional Information:

Ozone Vegetable Purifier

Ozone Vegetable Purifier

Approx. Rs 25,190 / Piece

FoodSonic - Fruit & Vegetable purifier

Ultrasonic Agitation uses tiny air bubble suction technique to scrub 99.99% of agricultural chemicals, dust, dirt & grime from fruits & veggies

Ozone eliminates the odour, other chemicals & effectively kills various pathogens including harmful bacteria & viruses from the surface of the fruits & veggies

Dual action of Ultrasonic agitation & Ozone cleaning ensures that the cleaning of fruits & veggies is effective, fast & hassle-free

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R. K. Transonic Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

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