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Solvent Recovery Equipment and Vapor Degreasers

Solvent Recovery Equipment

Solvent Recovery Equipment

Approx. Rs 4.75 Lakh / Piece

We have in store for our clients Solvent Recovery Equipment, Solvent Recovery systems, Vapor Degreasers, which are designed as per the latest technology. When approximately 100 Liters of solvent waste is generated per day. The simplest form of solvent reuse is termed "downgrading," which is the use of a solvent that has become contaminated through initial use for a second cleaning process. For example, precision bearings need very high purity solvents for cleaning. The solvent acquires very little contamination in usage and can be downgraded or used for less demanding cleaning operations.

More effort is required to recycle solvent that has become heavily contaminated and the possibilities for both on-site and off-site recycling or reclamation need to be explored. In vapor degreasing and cold cleaning, the soil removed accumulates in the equipment. Eventually the solvent becomes too contaminated for further use and it must be reclaimed or disposed of via incineration. For on-site recycling, many different separation technologies are available. Commonly used separation technologies for contaminated solvents include gravity separation, filtration, bath distillation, fractional distillation, evaporation.

On-site recycling:

A company that used trichloroethylene in degreasing was able to cut its solvent waste from 20 drums a month to five drums a month a 75 percent reduction. Virgin solvent consumption was reduced by 15 drums a month. Formerly, the company removed solvent waste from degreasers into a storage tank every other day. The stored waste was transferred to drums for disposal. Now, the solvent waste is pumped into a holding tank; every two weeks this collected waste is redistilled to recover as much solvent as possible, leaving only 5 drums per month requiring off-site disposal.

Extra features of TRANSONIC Distillation/ Recovery Units :



Effective SizeVolume in LitersHeater LoadChiller UnitRate Of distillation/ hour
20 x 16 x 1660 Liters7.5 KW1 Ton10 liters
28 X 20 X 16120 Liters9 KW2 Ton15 liters
28 X 28 X 20150 Liters12 KW3 Ton20-25 liters

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